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Grote Beer

Staande Beer T3-1031


Grote en kleine beer

Grote Beer T3-1032 1.5x2.5x1.1m kleine beer T3-1033 1.0x1.6x0.65

Beer met bloemenmand T3-1030


Kleine olifant T3-1045 1.15x1.65x0.9m

Grote Olifant T3-1043 2.5x4.0x1.9m

Middelgrote Olifant T3-1044 1.5x2.6x1.7m

Kleine Giraf T3-9999 maten

Eland T3-1097 2,05x2,20x0,55m

Eland T3-1037 2,5x2,20x0.55m

Deer Small T3-1038 1,4x1,15*0,85m

Doe T3-1054 1,65x1,7x0,85m

Roebuck T3-1106 1,85x1,3x0,5m

Baby roe deer T3-1108 1,03x0,86x0,35m

Rhinoceros small T3-1035 1,1x2,1x0,8m

Hippo T3-1103 1,7x3,5x1,2m

Swimming hippo T3-1100 0,55x3,15x1,1m

Swimming hippo small T3-1101 0,67x1,85x0,9m

Swimming hippo big T3-1099 1,4x3,65x1,3m

Camel (one-humped) T3-1086 2,2x3,0,x0,9m

Camel (two-humped) T3-1087 2,5x2,85x1,1m

Monkey T3-1036 1,25x1,0x1,95m

Horse (Paard) T3-1028 1,95x2,55x0,75m

Grazing horse T3-1052 1,7x2,7x0,8m

Reared up horse T3-1091 1,5x1,2x0,9m

Foal T3-1062 1,5x1,2x0,6m

Lioness T3-1050 0,95x2,5x1,5m

Lion small T3-1026 1,30x0,95x0,65m

Lion standing T3-1027 1,35x1,9x0,7m

Cow (Koe) T3-1092 1,7x2,9x0,9m

Mountain goat T3-1088 2,2x1,4x0,75m

Sheep,lamb,grazing lamb T3-1124

Sheep: 1,3x1,65x0,6m

Lamb: 1,0x0,8x0,35m

Grazing lamb: 0,7x0,9x0,3m

Baby rabbit sitting,baby rabbit standing,baby rabbit lying T3-1109,1110,1105

Baby rabbit lying: 0,5x0,51x0,4m

Baby rabbit sitting: 0,42x0,24x0,4m

Baby rabbit standing: 0,42x0,24x0,4m

Rabbit T3-1076 0,8x0,9x0,5m

Rabbit sitting T3-1048 1,1x0,7x0,45m

Snail T3-1046 0,9x0,85,0,65m

Squirrel T3-1003 1,5x0,55x0,5m

Rooster T3-1040 1,12x0,8x0,42m

Dog T3-1013 1,25x0,6x0,4m

Penguin T3-1041 1,5x1,12x0,75m


Tirannosaurus T3-1012 1.5x3.4x0.9m

Triceratops Groot T3-1111 2.35x5.5x1.5

Pterodactyl T3-1122 2,5x2,6x1,4m


Gentleman T3-1011 2,3x0,8x0,85m

Lady with an umbrella T3-1008 2,2x0,8x0,9m

Lady with a basket T3-1010 2,2x1,37x1,37

Presentation girl T3-1123 1,46x0,84x0,94m

Girl with a bouquet T3-1098 1,46x0,94x0,94m

Girl with a mushroom T3-1009 1,57x0,95x0,75m

Angel T3-1002 1,5x0,95x0,8m

Man with a wheelbarrow T"-1047 1,35x1,3x0,9m


Chess in assortment T3-1072 1m

Chess in assortment T3-1072 1m

Stone T3-1089 0,47x1,21x0,9

Easter island idol T3-1016 2,0x0,8x0,6

Purse T3-1018 0,6x0,9x0,8m

Mushroom T3-1007 1,15x0,7x7m

Dwarf with a bucket T3-1,1x0,7x0,5m


Barocco bench light T3-1019 0,53x1,2x0,48

Barocco bench dark T3-1020 0,53x1,2x0,48

Sherwood bench light T3-1023 0,49x1,75x0,5m

Sherwood bench dark T3-1021 0,49x0,75x0,5m

Sherwood bench with a niche light T3-1021 0,49x1,75x0,5m

Sherwood bench with a niche dark T3-1022 0,49x1,75x0,5m

Car-shaped bench T3-1001 0,8x1,9x1,7


Dolphins T3-1049 2,0x2,1x0,8m

Horse dawn carriage T3-1084 2,1x5,8x1,6m

Giraffe on a bike T3-1094 2,15x3,8x1,7m

Grand piano T3-1065 1,8x2,1x1,55m

Three of happiness T3-1095 2,9x1,4x2,3m

House T3-1014 1,76x1,4x1,92m

Hobbit house T3-1075 1,5x2,6x2,3m

Racing car T3-1004 1,04,0x2,0m

Scorpion T3-1115 3,5x2,3x1,9m

Peafowl T3-1113 1,9x1,5x2,5m

Mum with children T3-1116 2,0x3,3x1,0m

Telephone box T3-1093 2,6x1,3x1,0m